confused (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bristol News and Media

Bristol News and Media (Photo credit: Ben Sutherland)

Me and My Imagination

Me and My Imagination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Switching Goals

Switching Goals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

goals-for-writers-300x225Writing something, which is in your head, on a piece of paper is an art and not everyone can do this with ease. This is the basic reason, which is why you will notice many confused writers around you. Many of them will be good in imagination but while converting their imagination into impressive words, they usually fail because of their confusions. While writing something, there are numerous questions which can arise in a writer’s mind to make the situation more worst. These questions can be:

  • What do I want to write and why?
  • Why should anyone else read it?
  • What I want to achieve from this piece of writing?

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